R&D Support

Let us help you make safer products in MRI ...

Offering a device compatible with an MRI environment can be a real competitive advantage. For some products it has even become indispensable.

Taking into account the safety aspect in MRI in the design of a product is complex for the manufacturer. This requires skills that are not always available internally: in-depth knowledge of MRI, interactions between electromagnetic waves of MRI and devices, knowledge of material physics and electronics. This may also require tests on prototypes, with suitable testing means.

As experts in the field, our engineers and doctors can guide you during these phases of R & D, as much on the technical as regulatory aspects. So you focus on your skills and we bring you additional skills to carry out your project. The project will benefit from better control of costs and deadlines.

This support for R & D can take different forms, which we systematically adapt to your needs. We can in particular intervene for the following aspects:

  • Performing preliminary tests for a first discovery of potential difficulties related to the introduction of your device in MRI or to quickly assess the behavior of a prototype or component.
  • Assistance in the design of the device to guide you on the choice of components, materials, design recommendations, ….
  • Studies by numerical modeling.

R & D is in the DNA of HEALTIS: we are from the world of research and have our own R & D program to develop and validate our tools and methods.

We have the Research Tax Credit, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

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