Numerical modeling

Predicting the effects of MRI on your products ...

Medical devices may experience an increase in temperature as a result of the radio frequencies present during an MRI exam.

Evaluation of this radio frequency heating is mandatory when the device is in contact with the patient. The heating depends on multiple factors: physical characteristics of the device, characteristics and settings of the MRI, positioning of the device vis-√†-vis the machine, implantation conditions for an implantable MD, … etc.

The evaluation of the heating can therefore be complex. The use of numerical modeling simplifies and consolidates these studies. HEALTIS is expert in this field and can accompany you:

  • To determine worstcases in ranges of passive devices with multiple configurations
  • to determine the points of maximum heating on a device
  • for specific studies requiring the modeling of radiofrequency heating.

Determination of the worstcase configuration

When a device comes in different configurations, it is difficult, if not impossible, to determine the configuration that will experience maximum heating through a theoretical or experimental approach.

Numerical modeling, sometimes coupled with statistical methods, provides solutions to enable the determination of a worstcase in a multi-feature device array. This device will generally be subjected to a physical heating test.

We propose to realize this type of study for you.

Determination of hot spots

The heating due to the radio frequencies is localized, and the measurement of this heating in MRI is done in an ad hoc way. On complex shapes it may be difficult to identify the points whose temperature should be monitored during the test. Numerical modeling makes it possible to predict these points of interest and thus to determine the location of the probes for measuring the temperature.

Custom Modelling

Worst-case determinations and measurement points are the main applications of numerical modeling of radiofrequency heating but this technique can be extremely interesting in many situations. For example: to extrapolate results, to save time in the design phase of a device, … etc.

HEALTIS is at your disposal to study any project using numerical modeling.