Training services

Teaching you the basics of MRI safety ...

Wishing to share our knowledge, our training aims to help you develop skills in assessing the safety of MRI devices. We then discuss the technical, scientific and regulatory aspects of the safety and compatibility of medical devices in the MRI environment. Here are some examples of themes we can deal with:

  • the risks generated by the interactions between the Medical Device and the electromagnetic waves of the MRI
  • applicable regulations and test methods for evaluating the safety of a Medical Device in MRI
  • Integration of MRI compatibility into product design.

These training courses are tailor-made to be adapted to your problem, your products and your level of knowledge. They usually take place on our premises, which allows us to illustrate our subject by carrying out practical work in the MRI environment.

You will be trained by one or more expert(s) of HEALTIS, member(s) of the normative groups of the domain.