Check out the interview with Pauline Ferry, Technical Manager at Healtis!

Our Technical Manager Pauline Ferry answers a few questions about her career and her current position within the Healtis team!
Read the interview below:

1/ First of all, where are you from?
My father is from Lorraine and my mother from Burgundy, I mainly grew up in Lorraine, in Nancy.

2/ Can you describe your career in a few words? 
After a Scientific Baccalaureate at the Jacques Callot high school in Vandoeuvre Lès Nancy, I joined a CPGE (Preparatory Classes for Grandes Écoles) at the Poincaré high school in downtown Nancy.
Those 2 years of «preparatory classes» then allowed me to integrate “Phelma” engineering school in Grenoble, where I spent 3 years before graduating.
Subsequently, I had at heart to continue my studies, carrying out a research project and more precisely by completing a thesis at the IADI laboratory (subject: Characterization and optimization of a method for measuring T1 in cardiac MRI).

3/ Can you describe your role and your evolution within Healtis?
Arriving in February 2017, as a measurement and testing engineer, I then had the opportunity to take the position of Technical Manager at Healtis in 2018.
My position has evolved over time: While keeping my previous missions, as of now, I manage the technical and simulation teams of our company.
Finally, I supervise research and development projects, particularly by advising and helping doctoral students in relation to Healtis.

4/ Finally, how do you feel about the Healtis team? 
Overall, I would say that I am happy and proud to be part of a young, mixed, multicultural and multidisciplinary team. On a personal scale, the topic of patient safety gives meaning to my daily work.