Check out the interview with Spencer Parent, our Technical Sales Engineer at Healtis!

Our Technical Sales Engineer Spencer Parent answers a few questions about his career and his current position within the Healtis team!

Read the interview below:

1/ First of all, where are you from?

I was born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario – the capital of Canada. Seeing as Canada is a bilingual country, both English and French are official languages, I grew up with English as my first language but speaking French in school.

2/ Can you describe your career in a few words? 

I completed an undergraduate degree in medical physics followed by a master’s thesis in Medical Biophysics, with a focus on MRI physics, at Western University.

3/ Can you describe your role and your evolution within Healtis?

I joined Healtis in 2018, having been hired as an MRI engineer. At the time my role focused on developing test methods and performing medical device testing. Over time, being a native English speaker, I found myself taking on more and more of a client facing role, engaging with device manufacturers on discovery calls to help define potential risks in the MRI environment and to outline optimal testing strategies to assess those risks. This led to me taking on the role of technical sales engineer and then project leader. Today, my focus is mostly on the commercial and project management side.

4/ Finally, how do you feel about the Healtis team?

Since joining Healtis in 2018, the team has more than doubled in size. It’s exciting to be part of a growing company.