Guillaume Paillart gives his feedback about his short internship at Healtis!

Guillaume Paillart is a PhD student at Laboratoire IADI for the “ELECTRA” project (topic : MRI imaging of electrical properties, application to MRI compatibility of medical devices)
He carried out a short internship in our premises, and you will find below his testimony :

“I had to complete a 7-week internship in a company to validate my engineering masters. I was quickly put in contact with Healtis, a company whose core business is MRI, as I was already committed to a thesis offer about the subject of MRI safety of medical devices.

The first thing that made me greatly appreciate Healtis (besides the fact that they accepted me on a traineeship despite a very short deadline) was the opportunity to meet each member of the company during small interviews. Thus, the integration felt natural and I was able to discover, with interest, the company’s different departments . I also had the chance to attend a test session for a medical device manufacturer, to attend an external audit, to discover resources that are currently used in my thesis, to participate in the company’s seminar to celebrate its 10 year anniversary, and to work in a close-knit, warm and dynamic team.
I keep in touch with Healtis, and more specifically my internship tutors, as we are currently working in partnership on similar issues. I also have the privilege of returning regularly to their offices, especially to enjoy delicious cakes! As you probably understand, it was a very nice experience which isn’t over, and I am delighted to be able to work with with such competent and cordial people.”

The whole Healtis team thanks you Guillaume and wishes you the best for the future!