New update for the ASTM F2503 standard!

Do you currently have a medical device labelled for MRI Safety on the market?

You should be aware that ASTM F2503 standard defining the Standard Practice for Marking Medical Devices and Other Items for Safety in the Magnetic Resonance Environment has just been updated. The current revision being ASTM F2503-23e1.

This update is a small edit to the larger ASTM F2503-23 update that happened earlier this year in May. This edit corrects a small error in the reference to figures in the text.

If your current MRI Safety labelling has been performed to ASTM F2503-23 then you have nothing more to do than simply update your documentation to reference the now updated ASTM F2503-23e1.

If your MRI Safety labelling has been performed according to older versions of the standard then contact us today to see what changes you may need to make to your MRI Safety labelling to comply to this latest update.